Jebco International is among one of the faster-growing company in Bangladesh since its inception. Jebco  was established in 2010 and got a new touch for more diverse operation in the year 2021. So we can say we have our rebirth on 2021.

Our story

Jebco is an innovative and forward-thinking organization that has created unique business strategies. Continuous innovation is at the core of everything Jebco does and we continue to lead the way by ensuring superior product quality, reducing lead times and offering unprecedented flexibility & creativity in delivering the simple to the seemingly impossible jobs. The prime factors for our success are the combination of a dynamic workforce and commitment. The combination of high tech system and highly qualified professionals enables Jebco International to provide supplying goods, services and quality work to our clients belonging from both Private sector and Public sector, locally and internationally.

Jebco International’s focused expertise as supply based business in different sector in Bangladesh. Especially we do business in health sector, NGOs, government, semi government & non-government organization.

Jebco is also in the agro sector, with Jebco Fisheries and GoatCo in its future plan. Apart from this we participate in several local and international tenders with our world renowned principals, we represent many reputed entities in Bangladesh as their local agent. We also have our presence in the marketing and PR arena, one of our wing is managing this area which looks after events and advertisements.

It all starts with building a strong relationship with their customers. Jebco becomes more than just a supplier; we become a strategic business partner, working with our clients every step of the way.


Our Team Of Expertise

Shaan Kabir

Managing Partner

“When you dream, dream big, when you work, work hard, success is a result of patience and passion”

Md. Reslan Rashid Rifat

Partner & CEO

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. it is the courage to continue that counts.